Just scrolling through Twitter today, I see  quite a few new “faces” in the CPP community.

I also see when I click on profiles…

“No Resist”, “No MAGA”, “No ammosexuals”, and on and on.

Do all of ya’ll seriously choose your friends in the real world based on shit like this? Really?

Does a “resist” supporter or a MAGA supporter really deserve no pain treatment because of their political beliiefs? Does someone who supports gun rights deserve to suffer because you believe media and anti- gun propaganda makes us “evil ammosexuals who want dead kids” ?

Do any one of us suffer any more or less because of our personal or political beliefs?

FFS people- if we don’t fight this together…

We ALL lose.

When a .gov boot is stamping on your face- over and over and over…

Does it really matter if it’s a left boot or a right boot?

Last time I checked, the Dr’s, PROP, FDA, DEA, CDC, CMS, state med and pharm boards don’t give a rats ass about your personal or political beliefs as the force taper you- or cut you off cold turkey.

The powers that be also want to label all CPP’s as “junkies”, ” drug addicts”, “OUD”, etc.

Like it or not – addiction is in fact a disease.

Those suffering with addiction are being used as pawns in a .gov agency/ PROP/ media campaign to support cutting all CPP’s off all pain meds.

“Addicts” are also being harmed by the .gov/ media/ PROP (aganda) promoted opioid hysteria.

Demonizing “addicts” or “junkies” doesn’t help us – and it doesn’t help them.

Nor does demonizing kratom advocates, or MMJ advocates.

We have to fight this bullshit together.

ALL of us.

If we don’t – we lose.

Simple as that.

Go back to the part III post, it has links to parts I+II.

Read them all.



Think how much more effective we can be if we put the petty bullshit aside and work together.

I know for a fact that many who have 100% opposite political and personal beliefs agree with me…

We’ve discussed it… calmly and civily.

Hope ya’ll are having a low pain day.