The War On Chronic Pain Patients

Opioid Hysteria is killing thousands of Chronic Pain Patients

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Our goal at is to tear apart the media blackout that is working to silence the screaming voices of innocent Americans in emotional and physical distress due to untreated physical pain. The Pain Warriors of this nation REFUSE to have their Voices Silenced! We will tirelessly work to get the word out that there are millions of pain patients that have been affected by opioid hysteria in the media. Their lives were destroyed because their pain medicines have been senselessly tapered, cut off and their physicians have been unable to properly treat them because of the senseless CDC regulations that have now become law in many states. Physical pain that goes untreated will drive a human to the brink of insanity and will force them to take their own lives.

Behind all the anti-opioid ads that are blasted in the media, there is a dirty little secret that the CDC doesn’t want anyone to see: There is a MEDICAL GENOCIDE occurring due to their actions. Over 30,000 innocent pain patients have taken their lives due to untreated pain. Now you can’t say that you didn’t know that your fellow Americans were being slaughtered and cruelly tortured. Ask yourself: “What will you do to help stop this silent massacre?’ 

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