The War On Chronic Pain Patients

Opioid Hysteria is killing thousands of Chronic Pain Patients

Links/ Resources

***I finally started adding a few links today-( 2/3/2019)- I’ll add more as I have time***

This page is currently a work in progress,the goal is to list links to studies,published,peer reviewed articles,and info/data from credible sources.

We need to provide factual,credible info,not just opinions and personal observations.

By creating a list of links to credible sources here,it helps all of us,as we’ll have the ability to provide backup to claims we make.

This will help us all to be viewed as credible,help the credibility of the community in general,and help stop bad info from being shared.

The Difference Between Physical Dependency and Addiction…

Fentanyl facts…

Prescriptions down,ODs way up…

Great source of info here…

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  1. Please check out our website pretty much the same thing you’re doing here. If you would like to be added as a featured site, please send link & mission statement through contact us page. Thank you! Blessings.

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