Opinion: DEA Denying Necessary Medications

Opinion: DEA Denying Necessary Medications


By Steve Ariens P.D. Pharmacist.

“There are an estimated 20 – 30 million patients suffering from intractable chronic pain—most of whom require opiates 24/7 to help manage their pain.  Best practices and standard of care for these patients would entail a long acting opiate and a short acting opiate – for breakthrough pain.

Presuming each prescription is for a 30-day supply–it would take 480-million to 720-million opioid prescriptions to meet the needs of this segment of our population.  The last number I saw posted of legal opiate prescriptions paid (2016) was 215 million. So, we entered 2017 anticipating fewer than 30% of the legal opiate prescriptions being filled at this or lower levels going forward.

These figures strongly suggest that of the 100-million-plus of chronic pain patients and an untold number of patients dealing with acute pain would lack any opiates available for treatment.

The DEA has proven that its “beliefs”, “opinions” and other non-factual reasons that “help” the agency make decisions and take actions have little/nothing to do with the REALITY of what opiates/controlled substances are, in fact, needed by those who have a valid medical necessity.”

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Opioid Refugees: Fentanyl crisis is leaving patients in pain

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Opioid refugees: How the fentanyl crisis led to a backlash against doctors that’s leaving people in pain | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly – by Travis Lupick on March 17th, 2018

David Reid’s body has taken a few blows over its 68 years. In 1992, he was in a bad car accident that left him with a severe concussion. This affected his balance and led to a couple falls down stairs

“And I do drywall for a living,” Reid said. “I still do it because there’s not enough in a pension to really allow you to survive,” he continued. “As long as I have the oxycodone, I can get by. It allows me to work.”  

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A Brief History of the Painful War

We’d like to start this site off by displaying critical articles which play a key role in understanding what exactly the facts of this war on chronic pain patients were published and that clearly shows how we came to be here and what issues started this battle. As if we are indeed to fight, we shall all be knowledgeable in the truths behind what has and continues to occur to this day.  I remember when I first glanced down and noticed the words “Manufacuted Opioid Crisis”. I remember because I had already been thinking this very thought for quite awhile before this piece was released publicly. And I began to understand my fears were warranted. So, FACT #1–Yes, THERE NEVER WAS AN OPIOID EPIDEMIC OR CRISIS OF ANY KIND. 

Sadly the general public still doesn’t understand this lie portrayed consistently throughout the media. But now you know the truth.