“Some state lawmakers are contemplating enacting laws that permit certain patients with severe substance use disorder to be involuntarily detained for short-term observation and, in some cases, treatment. Such laws raise ethical, legal, medical, and practical questions.” Will Emergency Holds Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths?

This is getting worse & worse every single day.

Guess who they classify as a risk for OUD? Patients, with painful conditions that need or take opioids correctly. This is dependence NOT addiction. What else causes dependence? Sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, carbs, phones, anti depressants… anything you take daily your body becomes dependent on. So why are they ignoring this science & classifying patients as addicts instead? What do they get out of it? Money.

Drugs to treat addiction, like Suboxone are much more $$$. Opioids got too cheap. Now, they label anyone with chronic pain with having “opioid use disorder” & forcing expensive meds on them insurance doesn’t cover, or forcing them to suffer. So now pain patients have to risk being involuntarily held if they go to the hospital for something painful & alarming? (Which is going to cost them $$ & make the hospitals & insurance companies more money!)

This won’t stop overdoses, this will make patients like me even MORE afraid to go to the hospital when something is wrong. This will result in more deaths.