I have received a lot of positive feedback on the post-thank you.


I also see the exact same shit going on-no change,people still arguing about politics,people blocking others over politics.

This bullshit started long before Trump even announced he was running for president.

Besides-does it really matter who started it?

What matters is stopping it.

We will never stop this nonsense unless we all work together.

As I said in the first Atten CPP’s post…

“I don’t give a flying f*ck what your political beliefs are-if you want to help stop this war on CPP’s-I’ll work with you.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re anti-gun-I’m not-been a gun rights advocate since I was in high school-a long,long time ago-I’ll work with you.

What is so f*cking complicated about this?

Stop the bullshit-stop the drama-stop attacking other CPPs.

If you absolutely can’t get along with someone-just freakin ignore them-don’t put them down,don’t fight back and forth and try to get others to pick sides.”

Those of us who pay attention noticed a while back that there are trolls who go on the pain threads just to start shit,and make it look like we’re fighting amongst ourselves.

Politely tell ’em to f*ck off,then ignore them,they’ll go away.

When people from outside the CPP community come on our threads-what do you think we look like to them when we’re all arguing with each other?

We ARE having an effect,we ARE making progress.

That’s why the increase in trolls disrupting threads.

We have to stop fighting,we have to leave politics out of the CPP threads.

WE have to work together,as a group-ALL of us.

There’s CPP’s I follow,and who follow me that have 100% opposite political beliefs as me-and opposite positions on gun rights,among other differences.

They post Tweets about politics,etc. and so do I. We don’t jump all over each others threads and start a bunch of bullshit.

Learn how to do that people-it ain’t that complicated.

For the 100th time… unless we all work together,we lose.

If we work together-we win.

If we don’t – we lose.

So,come on people,get your shit together,let’s put all the petty bullshit aside,stop with the cliques,stop putting down other CPP’s and work together so we can get this insanity stopped so we don’t have to suffer in pain with no meds.

Thanks, for listening to my rants,