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Today’s nonmedical opioid users are not yesterday’s patients; implications of data indicating stable rates of nonmedical use and pain reliever use disorder – Journal of Pain Research – Jeffrey a  Singer, Jacob Z Sullum, Michael E Schatman – Feb 2019

This paper published in the Journal of Pain Research calculates the numbers and types of overdoses over the years and finally puts to rest the unsubstantiated story that pain patients are the ones overdosing and dying.

According to the narrative underlying current policies aimed at reducing opioid-related deaths, the problem can be traced to a dramatic increase in opioid prescribing that began in the late 1990s.

This trend supposedly was fueled by unscrupulous pharmaceutical company representatives who convinced practitioners that opioids posed a low risk of misuse and overdose (although a recent analysis suggests there were probably 30 or more root causes of the crisis).  

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