“So much is happening so fast. The best thing you can do now is create an email and send it out to all the reps (163) and. all the senators at the state level, and the Governor.

The PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) is knocking on our door. ***If you are ok with letting the government in your doctor appointments, continue to do NOTHING. ***For those of you that sent emails to me, those were passed along and is much appreciated, thank you!

Yesterday, I was able to testify at the Missouri Senate Hearing on the PDMP.

In years past, the House has passed the PDMP, but I has been stopped in the Senate.”

Anyone who lives in Missouri – click the link to Mary’s article – she has directions on how you can e mail your senators.

You all need to fight this.

PDMP databases are being used in many states to deny those who suffer chronic pain or have chronic illnesses pain relief without any input from Drs.