By Steve Ariens Phar.D.

“You know from my perspective, “the system” is designed to fail and has been since it was established in 1973 when the DEA was spun off the Controlled Substance Act.

Attorney General Sessions just announced that the DEA is going to do data mining in every health database that they can get into and they are going to use “average stats” of how many prescriptions or doses that a doctor writes and/or a pharmacy dispenses. You can’t determine medical necessity via statistics.”

“I posted over the weekend that a doc whose sole practice was hospice and palliative care was busted because the number of opiates he wrote was outside of the norm.

In a recent article, AG Sessions stated that prescribed opiates are at an 18-year low, but he is going to reduce them by another 33% over the next three years. In 18 years our population has increased some 20%-30% so if you look at prescriptions per millions of people, the reduction is more drastic.

IMO, that new NarxCare is going to fail because we don’t have confirmed identifications on patients. They are supposedly going into all sorts of records from criminals, PMP, EMR, Medicare/Medicaid Rx claims—and what happens with people with similar names or other criteria or someone uses stolen name and the real person ends up with a score going to indicate they are at risk of being a substance abuser?”

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