These are the true players in the insurer part of our battle.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers or “PBMs”.

This person holds ALL cards in how your prescription is dispensed. However, it is a position held by a person who isn’t even required to have any medical knowledge.

This article breaks the “PBM Mafia” game wide open.

Patients MUST call their insurer PBMs when they find that their pain medication is being denied refill or fill at the pharmacy and ask why. Talk to them calmly and explain yourself and your medical needs in a straightforward manner.

If your PBM says you need to switch to a buprenorphine product, ask them why? Point out that buprenorphine is also an opioid, and a powerful one at that. Tell them you have no history taking buprenorphine and that your current opioid works well for your pain, there is no reason to “switch” to a different opioid.

See this article for full details on the PBM racket!

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