****NSFW language**** yeah-I cuss,get over it-or don’t read any farther.

Here we go-more sleazy,underhanded,backstabbing bullshit in the twitter CPP “advocacy community”

This time- directed at me by one @Ghostingeek who has been spreading bullshit about me for a few months…which I can prove by the way.

“Larry is not a good CPP advocate”

“Larry took “pain meds” with beer in a video”

“Larry is an alcoholic”

Repeated ad nauseum,to multiple people by @Ghostingeek and fellow backstabbers.
Then this bullshit…

After @Ghostingeek took over a private group-

*** that he didn’t start***

-breaking agreed upon rules and adding a person @DaxxKhan who @Ghostingeek knew damn well I don’t get along with due to the fact the guy is an obnoxious asshole who entered the CPP “community” by being an asshole to CPP’s,to which I responded in kind.

@DaxxKhan stated a bunch of false bullshit-outright lies- about me-so I cussed him out.
I don’t take shit from people on Twitter,anywhere else online-or in the real world.

@Ghostingeek fellow backstabber states about my cussing @DaxxKhan out-
“Larry had too many beers and got aggressive.”

I was actually drinking Mountain Dew the night this crap happened – if it snows – I work all night, so I do not drink very often-which is nobody’s business but mine anyhow.

I do not get any Rx pain meds – so this “Larry took pain meds while drinking” bullshit is laughable.

@Ghostingeek has done the same shit-using whatever means he thought would work to smear other CPP’s – multiple times.

@Ghostingeek has tried-sometimes successfully-to force his way into groups,claimed he could help people/groups-but only if he had ALL the data/info they had.

@Ghostingeek blocked me from the latest group he just took over-also by violating agreed upon rules-and told others he “LOL’d” when someone tried adding me back and he kept kicking me out.

There’s a whole lot more to this bullshit – a whole lot more shady shit this guy has done,and is doing.

A guy who by the way-is too much of a fucking coward to say anything to me-he just blocked me-the wuss.

I’m gonna write a little more about it every few days,as I have the time.

This is why the “Larry is an alcoholic shit pisses me the fuck off…

My dad pretty much drank himself to death. I watched what he did to himself in my late teens/early 20’s.
Yeah,I crack a few beers after work sometimes,yeah,I drink bourbon with friends a few times a year-even make silly videos and post on YouTube.

I also work for a living-now in horrible pain-taking 3x as long to do 1/2 the work I could do when I had meds.

So…if I want to blow off steam after a day busting our asses doing something very,very few people even know how to do-by making a silly ass video while drinking some Maker’s Mark,with a guy I’ve been best friends with since 7th grade-I’m gonna do exactly that.
What are you Geek-the fuckin’ morality police? Channeling Carrie Nation?

You started this bullshit with me.

Enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the Thunderdome bitch.

Next part of this story coming soon,