“Last year, I found out that I had a rare, incurable disorder.

I also found out my government was paying a privately owned company to profile and assign me a “score”.

I don’t know which news was more upsetting.

I wasn’t allowed to know my score or even how it was derived.

What is this “score”?

It is an addiction/overdose risk assessment score, assigned by an algorithm developed by Appriss, Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky.

It assessed a few values entered into data fields, then ran them through its weighted algorithm, and PRESTO!

It spits out a score just for me.

I have a science background.

I am reasonably intelligent.

I didn’t like this.

I began to dig.

Saving Us From Ourselves

Apriss Inc., began their quest for data mining domination in the middle of the 1990s by the development of the VINE system.

VINE is a victim notification system that alerts the victims of a crime when the perp is released from jail/prison.

Reviews of this system by its users have been mixed at best. The VINE app on iPhone, for example, which is a preferred notification system for most victims, currently sits at a 1.9-star rating on the iTunes Store, with review after review of horrified, scared victim stating they were not informed.”

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