I did not want to write this one.

Her name was Candy,she had multiple issues causing severe pain,her spine was in such bad shape,she was hunched over just standing up.

Candy and I were patients of the same Dr at the same pain clinic,and cut off all meds at the same time when our Dr had his license suspended for abusing propofol and fentanyl.

No other NE Ohio pain mgt Dr/pain clinic would take us as new patients because of who our previous Dr was.

We both saw the same asshole who calls himself a pain mgt Dr at Cleveland Clinic,who refused to Rx any meds for any of Dr Jerome Yokiel’s former patients.

Candy tried every alternative treatment there is,even medical marijuana we got her from out of state,didn’t help,NSAIDs didn’t help,kratom only helped a little-not enough to make her pain bearable.

After everything else failed,she started drinking alcohol.

She began losing weight-which she couldn’t afford to lose in the first place.

When she had pain meds for 8 years,she was able to keep weight on,and at least move around the house,and out to the back yard,where her husband had built basically a park for her to enjoy,koi pond,waterfall,paver walkways and patio,fire pit,outdoor theater system,and more.

That’s where Candy spent most of her time in the spring,summer and fall.

It’s also where she passed away in her sleep the same day yet another “pain management” Dr refused to prescribe anything to relieve her pain.

She did not pass away from suicide,or an overdose,or from cirrohsis, or from alcohol poisoning-she passed away because her body could not take it any longer-the human body can not function when constantly in unbearable pain.

Candy passed away in her sleep,in their back yard,on an outdoor couch,in the park Ray built for her,where she had fallen asleep watching a movie.

This is what PROP,CDC guidelines,DEA and CMS are doing to chronic pain patients.

Candy had some quality of life for the 8 years her pain was treated.

Through no fault of her own,after being a “compliant” patient,following the “pain contract” peeing in a cup on demand,subjected to random pill counts for 8 years –

she was cut off all meds with zero notice-no taper.

No one in the NE Ohio medical community would help her,due to fear of the DEA,the CDC “guidelines”,the State of Ohio Pharmacy Board,and the fact that she was blacklisted because our former Dr chose to use drugs.

Candy is no longer with us,our former Dr now has his license back,and the ability to Rx pain meds. His license was suspended for approximately 1 year.

The government,in the form of DEA,CDC,CMS,and politicians need to get the fuck out of our Dr’s offices,and let Dr’s treat patients pain.

I am 100% sure that if Candy had been receiving the meds she had for 8 years -she would still be with us.

Opioid hysteria is killing people who suffer from chronic pain and chronic illness,all because of lies,half truths,obfuscation,manipulated data/stats used by anti-opioid zealots to influence politicians and heads of .gov agencies to enact archaic,draconian “guidelines” and “rules” with zero input from chronic pain patients or pain management Drs.

I pray God lets you rest in peace Candy.

***( Candy passed away In August,Ray just asked me today to share her story)***