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Addressing the dual crises of pain and opioids — a case for patient-centeredness – by Beth Darnall – Oct 2018

Caring for pain has become deeply intertwined with the opioid crisis. Though largely fueled by illicit opioid use, the opioid crisis has understandably spurred national and local organizations, as well as the public, to seek methods of pain treatment that carry the lowest risks. That in turn has led to policies that often emphasize limits on opioid prescribing.

We must remember, however, that opioid limits alone do not constitute a pain care plan, nor do blanket opioid limits appreciate the individual differences across patients who live with pain.

I couldn’t agree more. Those entities passing down these opioid limits are not medical professionals, but rather bureaucrats and politicians who have no idea about the medical realities of those of us living with constant pain. Their ignorance has terrible consequences:…

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