The fighting, the questioning the committment of fellow advocates, the putting fellow advocates down, the claiming fellow advocates have mental issues,the fighting between groups, etc, etc is getting tiresome.

*some* of ya’ll are acting like a bunch of 12-13 year old middle school kids in cliques.

Blaming “junkies” for our problems helps no one.

Blaming Trump and Sessions helps no one.

Ya’ll want to fight – fight the CDC

Fight PROP/ Kolodny

Fight Humphries

Fight Juurlink

Fight congress


Keep fighting amongst yourselves while .gov agencies and congress restrict access to pain meds even further.

I wrote a series of posts about these issues in the community.

Lots of people saw them, lots of people agreed with me.

Lots of people clearly didn’t get it because the same old shit is going on – and on and on and on…

Ya’ll figure it out.

I’ve had it with the nonsense.

I’m out.