Watch the video.

It’s nothing but propaganda created to make CPP’s look like we’re all “drug seekers” and/or “addicts”

This is a horrible smear on CPP’s.

That’s just for starters.

No one can go to multiple Dr’s and get multiple Rx’s for any pain med, nor has anyone been able to do so for at least a decade in most states.

PDMP’s are not a “new database” that’s an outright lie – one of many in this hit piece video.

This video isn’t about PDMP’s catching “addicts” or people Dr shopping, or people getting Rx’s from multiple Dr’s.

It’s about painting anyone in pain as an “addict”.

This video needs to be denounced and called out for being pure propaganda, and a slanderous hit piece on CPPs.

Kolodny himself could have written the lines for this bullshit.

The entire video regurgitates the false claims made by Kolodny, Gottlieb, Juurlink, Humphries, et- al.

It’s a slap in the face to those of us who suffer chronic pain.

Refute this nonsense point by point in Tweets.

Shame the medical and political hacks pushing their agenda who made this garbage.

If no one calls this bullshit out – we’ll see more and more of it.

Those who do not suffer with chronic pain are gonna believe every word of this crap.

If we don’t point out the facts – no one will, because most will believe this shit.

Make them stop – call them out.

Fight this kind of crap – stop arguing over politics. Pain transcends politics.

Focus your anger on this nonsense.

Turn off the TV and stop watching the circus in D.C. it’ll do wonders for your mental health anyhow.

We have to get our shit together.

We have to stop fighting with each other, and start fighting back against the lies and propganda being used against us.

If we don’t – we’re all gonna lose.

Think about that.

Really think about it.

Go back and read – in order – all the Attn CPPs posts I wrote.

Think about what I said. Really think about it.

Then decide what you want to do.

You can keep arguing over political bullshit, and let the flow of propaganda continue unchallenged, or…

You can stop the political bullshit, work together, and push back every time some nonsense like this is released.

There’s two choices here –

1) let this kind of propaganda continue to be spread unchallenged to convince the public we’re all drug seeking addicts, which will result in zero pain meds for any of us.

2) stop fighting each other over stupid shit, work together, challenge this nonsense and change the public’s opinion.

Up to you people – make your choice.

Fight back, or give up and suffer because no one pushed back when crap like this video was released.