Same preface as previous post…
I’m gonna piss people off.
I write like I talk.
I’ll save the trouble and quote my ex…
“Larry’s an ashole,Larry’s always been an asshole,Larry will always be an asshole”
Save the faux outrage.
The chronic pain community online–(mainly on Twatter),
Is a cesspool of toxic stupidity.
It’s getting worse-not better.
CPP’s put each other down for political beliefs,religion,personal beliefs-and on and on and on and on and on…
CPP’s block each other over petty bullshit.
WE all have the same goal-yet no one can put aside insignificant bullshit and work toward a common goal-

What. The. F*ck.

(and I don’t give a rats ass who gets offended)download

My pain is worse than yours
People with X .gov insurance should be treated like shit to prove my Y .gov insurance deserves better care.
It’s all the junkies fault
It’s all DR X’s fault

It’s Trump’s fault
It’s Sessions fault.

This is NOT how you change shit.

Stop the petty bullshit-Please.

The way you win against enemy action-and that’s exactly what this is-

a .gov agency action against us-

is by mounting an insurgency-or counterinsurgency-depending on your veiw of the situation.

Look it up.

How were Michael Collins and the IRA so effective against the British government?

How did the North Vietnamese/V.C. “win” against the U.S. military?

How did the Northern Alliance kick the U.S.S.R.’s ass in Afghanistan? (other than with CIA help)

I could go on and on and on with examples from history-but you should get the point by now.

It’s simple-

we fight this as guerillas,as insurgents,as revolutionaries-or…

we lose-end of story.
(minus the shooting people in the face and blowing shit up part)

Read-(links below)
Many,many more available on request…


STOP the fuckin nonsense.
Stop the I’m better than you bullshit.
Stop the my political party’s better than yours bullshit…

When a government boot is stamping on your face-does it really matter if it’s a left boot or a right boot?
FFS people…

Get your shit together-stop the games.

It’s like the cool clique vs the nerds

the hot chicks vs the bookworms

jocks vs chess club

hippies vs jocks,etc,etc,etc.

it’s freakin stupid-it’s a whole ‘nother level of stupid.

it’s nauseating.

It ain’t too late to win-you just gotta fight and stop the bullshit.

That is all.

Opinion(s) 100% attributable to @ StarvinLarry

commence with unfollowing,blocking,muting and hate mail in 3…2…1…