*** Yes,I use cuss words-deal with it***

I know – I said I was gonna shut up after part V.

I’m not gonna shut up because of the level of galactically stupid bullshit going on recently in the CPP community.
I wrote 5 posts about this ongoing nonsense – all are linked below – start with Part I and read them all. None are long,rambling posts,all are short and to the point.

After that,read what I’m about to write below the links.
Then actually think about all I’ve said.
Use the brain God gave you and freakin’ think.


Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

There are several groups who are actually making some progress,and a few individuals.

We still have the exact same problems in the community that we had when I wrote part I

and then some.

There are still a large number of mostly ineffective disorganized groups on Twitter and Farcebook,along with a few that are organized and making progress.

There are also groups and individuals in the community who do nothing but put down the efforts of other people and other groups.

Individuals,and small groups of individuals have actively worked to sabotage the efforts of other groups and individuals.

There have been multiple efforts,by multiple groups and individuals,to divide advocacy groups.


There is a shitstorm of DM and screenshots flying around spreading rumors and false allegations about members of the community.

What.  The.  Fuck?

Do those engaged in this bullshit think this a freakin game?

Why hurt the efforts of others?

Does it hurt your feelings that someone else is making progress?

That someone else has a great idea?

That you aren’t the one in charge?

That your group isn’t the biggest,baddest group that’s  gonna save all CPPs from CDC,DEA,CMS,PROP’s bullshit?

That you’re not gonna get all the credit and be famous?

That you’re not going to be able to write a book on how you saved CPPs?

That you’re not going to have the go to blog/website for CPPs?

Groups and individuals who have made progress are put down and dismissed because they didn’t get the CDC guidelines repealed,because they didn’t get a well know Dr to publicly state that we all deserve our meds back at whatever doses we were on.

***Yes-we do all deserve our meds back- at the dosages that work for each of us***

(This bullshit didn’t happen overnight,all in one fell swoop.

It will not be changed overnight in one fell swoop.)


Stop this bullshit people.

Just fucking stop.

Someone has a great idea/project going that you personally feel can be made better?

Offer that person/group your ideas,don’t take their idea,and tweak it to how YOU think it should be done,and claim it as your own idea.

That’s beyond low,that’s as low as the whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.

That’s also how any progress gets stopped in it’s tracks.

Every movement in the course of history that accomplished change was done by multiple groups working TOGETHER.

Not every group knew every single thing the other groups were doing – but they worked together.

That is the ONLY way we win this war.

There are not really all that many CPPs actively engaged in advocacy on social media.

There is a large number of groups vying for the attention of a finite number of CPPs.

To win this war,we HAVE to get out of the social media bubble.

Sharing the same/similar info over and over among the finite number of CPPs on Twitter and Farcebook gets us exactly nowhere.

It’s like being at a convention at a large hotel – great info is shared,great ideas are shared-yet they go nowhere,they stay in the same finite group of people,some of the info/ideas trickle out to others very,very slowly.

The “public” aka non- CPPs does not have the slightest clue what’s being done to us.

Nor do 99% of politicians, local,state, or fed level.

The media continues to push PROPaganda,and the false claim that Rx opioids are the driver of the fake ass “opioid epidemic”
THAT is what has to be changed.

Taking studies, articles,media reports that are only partially good news for CPPs and dismissing them out of hand because they do not state exactly what we want to hear,or because you can’t stand one of the Dr’s that was involved gets us nowhere.

The ONLY way we win is to take those things that are 25,30,50% positive news -count them as a partial win,and work to change them to 100% positive.

That will NOT happen all at once,it took years of effort by those like Kolodny,Lembke,Humphreys,Juurlink,et-al to get these Rx restrictions imposed.

WE are NOT going to change this shit overnight.
Freaking out over partial changes,by claiming they did not give us all our meds back,putting down those who spent time,effort,and in many cases their own money to travel across the country to D.C.  and elsewhere to try to to change things like CDC guidelines,CMS opioid restrictions, the Oregon bullshit,and claiming they are against us does not in any way,shape or form help our cause.

You have to take emotion out of it.

You have to think strategically.

You have to win the small battles to win the war.

We are not going to win every battle – we will lose some,we will win some.

The ONLY way to win this is incrementally.

We can not,and will not win this with all the nonsense going on in the CPP social media advocacy community.

WE have to work together,the infighting bullshit has to to stop.

Read some history books on insurgencies,on guerilla warfare,on large civil rights/freedom from oppressive government  movements.

Q – Why were these movements successful?

A – Because people put their differences aside and worked together towards a common goal.

Think people-think.

Stop the petty bullshit.

Just stop-right fucking now.

get your shit together,stop the nonsense,and focus on the goals-we ALL have the same goals.

That is all.

***No one else contributed to this rant-it is all me,it’s a shitty,cold rainy day here, I hurt like hell,and I have seen an astounding level of bulshit going on in the CPP community these past few weeks. This is my effort to make it stop***