Part I

part II

In the first two posts-I not so subtly pointed out what I see as many of the biggest issues in the CPP community.

I could write a freakin novel about the problems.
I’m not going to though.

We need solutions.

We need to ALL work together.

We-as in ALL of us-need to get our collective sh*t together.

WE need to come up with a coherent,fact based,intelligently worded message.

If we don’t,no politician,no .gov agency head/mgt is going to pay any attention whatsoever to us.

I get that it’s hard to do on Twitter-due to 240 character limit,Farcebook ain’t much better.

There are a metric f*ckton of advocacy groups on Twitter/Farcebook.

None of us/them have a coherent,concisely worded,fact based message.

Everyone is all over the place-just throwing random sh*t against the wall to see if it sticks.

We appear unhinged to those who don’t understand what’s being done to us.

There are some very intelligent-even brilliant- people advocating for CPP’s.

The best of them/us realize that addiction treatment is tied into pain tx.

Not our fault-we know they’re two separate issues.

However… we need to team up and work together-which includes kratom advocates,and medical marijuana advocates-even though SOME from both groups claim their preferred tx curbs “opioid abuse”.

Educate them.

Arm yourselves with facts,links to CREDIBLE sources/studies.
Anyone who has the time to put together a list of studies/sources that support treating chronic pain with long term opioids-send it to, or DM @StarvinLarry

Anyone who advocates for CPP’s,Addiction tx,kratom,or MMJ who wants to write posts for this blog-contact me,and I’ll make you a contributor,and you can post what you feel is relevant.

Can we please all work together on getting our message out in a way that those who do not understand chronic pain/chronic illness/addiction can understand?

Sad to say-but think of it as explaining these things to a toddler.

WE have to do this,or… we are gonna lose.

Think of it like this-there are more of us who suffer from chronic pain/chronic illness/intractable pain than there are .gov and medical community hacks like Kolodny/PROP(aganda)

WE have more time to put into this. They work 8 hour days-over half of us can’t sleep…

Check twitter at 3-4am if you don’t believe me.

We know our bodies,our pain,the years-or decades of failed tx prior to LTOT.
Many of us were stable on our meds,no addiction,no abuse for decades-now it’s “OMG-Heroin pills” “Go to hospital for broken arm-come out an addict”
“Tough it out and take Bufferin”

WE know these claims are pure,unadulterated male bovine excrement-we’ve all refuted them with facts.

Everytime some .gov agency hack,so-called “Dr” (yeah Mr. what are you gonna do next channel Carrie Nation and start chopping up Dr’s desks with a hatchet Kolodny-that meant you), politician,or community leader starts spewing the aforementioned excrement-blast them with facts-and links to credible sources/studies.

Political advocacy matters-and is effective-but…

We,as in ALL of us,have to leave the left/right,Hillary is corrupt,Trump is Hitler nonsense out of it.

I leave it out of pain threads-I have followers-and I follow them who are 100% opposite on politics-and gun rights-and on and on.

WE all have to leave the political horsepucky,the outrage,the personal beliefs,the religious beliefs,the you own guns-you want dead kids nonsense out of this.

Political advocacy works-but…

It takes big numbers-we have to have a lot of people-

The D.C. swamp dwellers won’t pay any attention unless the group being represented is in high hundreds of thousands – minimum.

We win this war by winning the small,winnable battles first.

We are not going to get all this opioid hysteria nonsense reversed in one shot-ain’t gonna happen.

Start at local and state level.

That’s how you get sh*t changed at fed level.

Doesn’t mean don’t try at fed level though-the more local and state support we get = more pressure on feds.

We can do this-we can win,it is in fact a war-wars are won by picking your battles,picking the time and place of your battles…and by using insurgent style tactics.

We have to hit them back harder-with facts,with numbers,more often,from more people.

Get inside their OODA loop – Google it 🙂

That is all for now.
Hope ya’ll are having a low pain day.