I’ve been advocating for CPP’s,and against opioid hysteria pushed by PROP,CDC,FDA,CMS et-al since I was cut off all pain meds in Oct. 2017.

There’s a lot of CPP’s on twitter,many different groups advocating for the same thing.

The rest of this is going to probably piss some people off-but it needs to be said.

No one else is saying it,so I will.

Yes,I use some cuss words because I spend most of my time around guys-and ladies-who work in the trades,and that’s how we talk amongst ourselves.

I’ll save those who get offended some effort and quote my ex wife here-

“Larry’s an asshole,larry’s always been an asshole,Larry will always be an asshole”

This fighting among ourselves,blocking others due to personal and/or political views,putting down other CPP’s on Twitter is severely hurting our efforts.

This ain’t Jr high-(middle school school to the younger folks)-the cliques of CPP’s picking on others is bullshit.
The putting others down for their efforts is bullshit.
Blocking other CPP’s is bullshit.

Questioning the commitment of other CPP’s is bullshit.

Threatening other CPP’s is bullshit.

It has to stop-or we lose.

I follow,and interact with a LOT of CPP’s who have 100% opposite political beliefs-they also follow and interact with me.

It’s simple to agree to disagree on politics-and work together to stop this bullshit being done to us by .gov agencies and the medical community.

The ongoing Twitter feuds have to stop-it’s pure,unadulterated male bovine excrement.

Just freakin ignore those you disagree with.

Everytime you block someone,it also blocks them from any chat groups they are in,and diminishes the reach of everyone in the community’s Tweets.

We’re not getting anywhere due to this nonsense.

Leave religion,politics,and personal beliefs out of it and work together-we have a common goal.

There have always been,and will always be fringe elements in any large group of people-get over it.

Everyone has something to contribute-let them do so.

I don’t give a flying f*ck what your political beliefs are-if you want to help stop this war on CPP’s-I’ll work with you.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re anti-gun-I’m not-been a gun rights advocate since I was in high school-a long,long time ago-I’ll work with you.

What is so f*cking complicated about this?

Stop the bullshit-stop the drama-stop attacking other CPPs.

If you absolutely can’t get along with someone-just freakin ignore them-don’t put them down,don’t fight back and forth and try to get others to pick sides.

Some of this bullshit is worse than toddlers in a daycare.

Settle your differences like adults-between adults-not on Twitter for all to see.

We’re all suffering,we all need to work together to stop this shit-the fighting just makes us ALL look bad,and hurts our efforts.

Please stop the nonsense-be adults,act like adults.

Thank you,